Microtonal musician, developer of Scale Workshop

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I've been working on a few projects. I make weird electronic music as 'Sevish', develop Scale Workshop (free microtonal scales app), create tutorial articles and videos, take part in podcasts (such as Now & Xen), bug test microtonal features in new synths, do my best to help folks explore alternative tunings in music.

With the help of supporters, my goal is to devote more time to music. Recently my main income is from full-time work in an unrelated field. As more people follow my music work, streaming and sales are adding up and it looks possible I might eventually reach financial independence with it. But it's possible that Liberapay supporters could accelerate this, helping me write the next chapter.

Patrons can request access to the patrons-only channel on my discord server. There you can get free download codes for any past and future Sevish albums and from time to time I will share exclusive previews of upcoming work. We can also arrange some voice chats. https://sevish.com/contact/

Massive thank you to everybody who has supported me over the years. More music is coming!


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scale-workshop 120 Оновлено 4 місяці тому

Design microtonal scales and play them in your web browser. Export your scales for use with VST instruments. Convert Scala files to various tuning formats.

sevish-vst 19 Оновлено 5 років тому

Microtonal VST instruments built with Pure Data + Camomile


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