Shelter for small pets and help for single and childless people

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We run a small shelter for small animals (Guinea Pig, Mouse, Hamster, Rabbit and so on) which aims to bring together lonely and isolated people with animals that are abandoned for various reasons

The idea presented itself to my husband as a solution to his severe depression and generalized anxiety disorder as well as post-traumatic shock that prevents him from working on a sustained basis.

Caring for animals, on the other hand, lowers anxiety and helps to cope with symptoms of depression by giving them a sense of purpose. Combined with meditation, introspection, therapy and medication, it gives good results.

Being once an active person this allows him to take over the moral. The money is used to pay for food, various care services and the fact that we offer our little animals free of charge and that we will take them to their new owner in the Quebec City area just as freely.

Every donation, be it material, money, food, is beneficial to what we undertake. Even $1 makes a difference.

I thank anyone who will read, share or contribute

Nancy and Shoshin



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