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Sono uno sviluppatore web amante dell'open source. Lavoro a molti progetti open source riguardanti soprattuto il forum software MyBB. Oltre a creare plugin gratuiti per questo software, offro anche assistenza gratuita agli utenti che lo utilizzano. Inoltre aiuto anche gli altri sviluppatori a risolvere i problemi che hanno i loro plugin.

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Newpoints-Awards 0 Оновлено 1 рік тому

Newpoints Awards is an extension of the plugin OUGC Awards. It allows users to buy some awards with newpoints.

File-Manager 0 Оновлено 1 рік тому

File Manager is a MyBB extension that adds a useful file manager in the AdminCP

MyGentelella 0 Оновлено 1 рік тому

MyGentelella is a theme for the MyBB AdminCp. The theme is responsive and it is maded with bootstrap.The theme is based on the Gentelella admin control panel of Colorlib.

Forum-Icons 0 Оновлено 2 роки тому

Forum Icons is a plugin that allows you to add an icon to each forum on your MyBB's copy.

Additional-Files 0 Оновлено 2 роки тому

Additional Files is a plugin for MyBB 1.8.* that adds a new section in the AdminCP that checks for additional files and folders in the board directory.

MyAdfly 0 Оновлено 3 роки тому

Change thread urls with urls

SimpleLikes (форк) 0 Оновлено 9 місяців тому

A simple post liking system for personal use. Integrated with MyAlerts.

mybb-amnesia (форк) 0 Оновлено 10 місяців тому

An attempt at making MyBB more GDPR compliant and to give users a greater control over their data stored.


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