Konv.im Secure P2P Instant Messaging

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Konv.im - Secure P2P instant messenger

Konv.im is an open-source, libre and secure instant messaging application that aims to replace Skype, Whatsapp, and other proprietary services. I believe that bringing a free (as in freedom, aswell as in price) software that enable individuals to communicate freely, without the fear to be censored or sued, is primordial in this post-Snowden era. Free speech enables real sharing of ideas, concepts, researchs, etc. That's how I want to contribute saving what stays of people liberties and rights.


Conversation on Konv

File transfers on Konv

Audio call on Konv

Video call on Konv


Here is a tentative list of the features that Konv.im must have in order to be usable and useful. The list is not ordered nor complete. This list also serves as a sort of Roadmap for me.

  • Usable, bug-free and user-friendly interface ;
  • Modern way to communicate with contacts (messages, actions, auto-reply) ;
  • File transfers : Inline images, inline musics, inline videos, regular files, avatars ;
  • Simple and convenient way to share a contact (drag&drop, right click) ;
  • Customizable interface ;
  • Intuitive and not cluttered settings interface (advanced mode?) ;
  • Group chats, with simple way to add people inside ;
  • Avatars, status messages, presence ;
  • Audio calls, video calls, desktop sharing/streaming ;
  • Secure way to add peoples from an user-friendly ID (no ToxID, decentralized ToxMe-like) ;
  • Custom bootstrap nodes list.
  • Social welcome screen.


Konv.im is an instant messaging application that uses the Tox protocol in order to enable truely secure communications. By so, it can be called a Tox client.

ToxCore (the Tox core library) provides an easy and intuitive API for building secure communication platforms. It is maintained by The TokTok Project.

I'm using TokTok/c-toxcore instead of the old irungentoo/toxcore library for convenience and security related concerns.


Konv.im is released under The MIT License while the ToxCore binaries are licensed under The GPLv3 License.