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Musopen is trying to make the world better by making and hosting the largest online source of public domain: music recordings, sheet music, and educational apps/materials.

Put simply, our mission is to set music free.

Why does this matter? Mozart died 228 years ago, yet it is rare that one can find music recordings of his compositions without copyrights. This limits entire generations of artists, indie filmmakers, game designers, and the general public from having access to what would otherwise be a wealth of unrestricted public domain art. This is what Musopen has been working to fix for over 10 years.

We raise funds to pay artists to release works with a public domain attribution, and then release the content for free on our website, Wikipedia, and elsewhere.

Why should I contribute? We are hoping to use Liberapay to raise funds to release new music each week. With this platform we want to introduce Liberapay backers to new, upcoming artists by giving them increased exposure, and with enough support, to experiment with innovative ideas to further our cause such as Creative Commons licensed new composer competitions, free online music lessons, and much more.

To learn more or access our current library, please visit: https://musopen.org/

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