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Hello there!

I'm a financially struggling computer science student who can work as a freelancing software developer and system administrator. My approach to CS is intersectional and I'm self taught. I'm aiming to use Patreon to be able to be able to spend more time to work on Open Source projects I contribute to which I am passionate about. Most of my work in these projects directly helps a broader community.

As a GNUnet developer since 2015 I've been pushing many small and big efforts in GNUnet to improve information, access, community work, internal organization, and so forth. This resulted in a new website, the new documentation, and more.

I've worked on GNU Guix for a couple of years (2015 to 2018) and after over 500 commits paused my work on it.

Today I am working as a NetBSD developer on pkgsrc. For those who care, for those who can afford to express their support with financial tokens, and for those who can't do it financially but express their support through their actions and correspondences:

Thank you so very much for supporting me.



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