Võrumaa Sõprade Selts

Võrumaa Friends Association (​Võrumaa Sõprade Selts)

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Membership of the Society ​ Võrumaa Friends Association (​Võrumaa Sõprade Selts) is a legal entity in private law. The association is a non-profit association of persons who have voluntarily joined, which operates pursuant to the articles of association and the Non-profit Associations Act. Our activities are in accordance with the principles of the Estonian Code of Ethics for Civic Associations. ​ ​The purpose of the society ​ ​The aim of the society's activities is the economically, socially, culturally, historically, linguistically developing Võru / Võrumaa region. Residents of Võrumaa municipalities and the city of Võru and various interest groups are involved / expected in promoting community development. Collection and preservation of economic, social, historical (incl. Genealogy, local history, collection of objects / photographs / publications related to Võru and Võru County), detectorism (slightly extinct after changes in the law), linguistic (Võro wedge), cultural (incl. Hobby education, ) photography), health sports (exercise), health - promoting, environmentally sustainable lifestyles, re - use, awareness of and participation in solving environmental problems in cooperation with third sector organizations. ​ ​To whom? ​ ​The association welcomes active people who like the above-mentioned activities and who also like to contribute to the development of the society, the local community and local life, we support each other, regardless of people's social backgrounds, we all have the right to live a full life. If you find that this Company is for you, you can leave us your primary contact. ​ ​Mission ​ ​The mission of the Võrumaa Friends Society is to create and maintain a Community that cares about its area and people, to collect, preserve and introduce the historical tradition of the region, preserving traditions, bringing together old and young through various activities, thus creating a sense of community security. Vision Võrumaa and Võru as well as the Society have a positive reputation, Võru as well as Võrumaa is a pleasant living environment where residents have an interesting and good life and tourists have a good rest. In the future, we hope that the Society will have its own premises / society house, its own transport, its own facilities / equipment for holding events, its own archive / museum of local history. ​ ​Values ​ ​Willingness to cooperate - the company is open to cooperation with other interest groups. Proactivity - the society is the initiator of activities, not the follower of events. ​Commitment - the agency completes the initiated activities.


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