Liberapay is a recurrent donations platform.

We help you fund the creators and projects you appreciate.


Людям, які роблять взнесок у розвиток суспільства, потрібни ви для того, щоб підтримувати іх працю. Створення безкоштовного програмного забеспечення, розповсюдження вільніх знань - ці речі вимагають часу та коштують грошей, та не тільки для того, щоб почати роботу, але і мати можливість продовжувати ії.

Система періодичних пожертвувань Liberapay створена для того, щоб забезпечити стабільний базовий прибуток авторам від краудфандінга, дозволяючи їм продовжувати займатися їх прекрасною справою, від котрого усі в виграші. Готови зробити пожертвування? Тоді почнемо:


Are you a creator of commons? Do you make free art, spread free knowledge, write free software?

Yes? Then Liberapay is for you! Create your account, fill your profile, and ask your audience to financially support your work.

How it works for donors

1. Set up a donation
Find someone you want to give money to, then choose an amount and a period (weekly, monthly, or yearly).

2. Add money
On Liberapay donations are funded in advance. You have control over how much money you put in and when. Adding more money at once results in a lower percentage of transaction fees.

3. Keep your donation funded
When your account no longer contains enough money to fund your donations we send you a notification via email so you can add money again. Or you can discontinue your donation.

How it works for creators

1. Create your account
An email address is all you'll need. No PayPal account required.

2. Fill out your profile
Explain what you do, why you've chosen to ask for donations, what the money will be used for, etc.

3. Reach out to your audience
Contact the people who benefit from your work and ask them to support you.

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How it works internally

Liberapay is run transparently by a non-profit organization, its source code is public.

We rely on your support to keep Liberapay running and improving.

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A team allows members of a project to receive money and share it, without having to set up a legal entity. Learn more…

Multiple languages
Our service is currently available in 13 languages. It's also partially translated into 6 other languages (you can contribute). Your profile descriptions and other texts can be published in up to 124 languages.

Multiple currencies
We currently support two currencies: the euro (€) and the US dollar ($). We do not handle crypto-currencies like bitcoin.

You can link to your profile the accounts you own on GitHub, Twitter, Mastodon, and 8 other platforms. You can also easily list on your profile the repositories you contribute to on GitHub і GitLab.

Liberapay allows you to pledge to donate to people who haven't joined the site yet. The donation will automatically start if they sign up to receive it. We'll send you a notification when that happens.


Donations from businesses and nonprofits are welcome on Liberapay. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.


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Recent Activity

524 user accounts have been created in the past month. The most recent was 2 hours ago.

363 new donations have been started in the past month, increasing total weekly funding by €253.94.

59 new pledges have been made in the past month, adding €13.83 of weekly donations waiting to be claimed.

€1,802.39 and $143.59 were transferred last week between 1,343 users.

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