I'm working on Fediverse Forum Software.

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I'm working on a new kind of forum called Agora. It's designed to allow large numbers of people to discuss complicated topics and reach meaningful conclusions, while supporting freedom and independence and preventing anyone from gaining too much individual control over the discussion.

It does this through a variety of different mechanisms, but the most prominent is by allowing each post to be in response to any number of other posts and have any number of pother posts in response to it. This means that conversations can split and merge as necessary, to properly cover every facet of a topic without requiring the conversations participants to follow the entire thing. You can see the demo site here.

It's Free, Libre, and Open Source Software, which means that you can view and modify the source code and host your own instance. It's also federated, of course, so you can use ActivityPub to connect to other instances, including those that run Mastodon, Pleroma, or other ActivityPub servers.

I'm far from done with the project. I still need to implement SAA (Social Abstract Argumentation), searching, and a bazillion other features, and the whole thing needs a lot of refinement. I want to make the forum flexible enough to meet a variety of needs and powerful enough to meet them well. The source code is up on Github, Gitlab, and Atmosphere, and may be ported to other platforms as well.

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