Making mods for Persona games and contributing to open source modding tools

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I've been a part of the Persona modding community since P4G released for PC in 2020 where I've focused on making QoL mods to make great games even better.

What I Make

I enjoy making mods both with the game's flowscript scripting language and by editing the game's code using Reloaded-II and a lot of reverse engineering.

Some notable mods I've made are:

I also contribute to open-source modding tools like Aemulus and Inaba Exe Patcher.

What Else I Do

I'm also an admin on the Persona Modding Discord Server where I try my best to help people with their modding problems and generally keep everyone civilised and happy.

Why Would You Donate To Me?

If you really enjoy or appreciate the work I do or the mods I make I suppose. If you do decide to support me I'll really appreciate it however, you won't get any direct benefits.

If you want to support me and want something material out of it you could commission me for a mod on Checkpoint. (The page is currently incomplete although if you are interested in commissioning me currently you can just message me about it either there or on one of my other social media accounts).

Пов'язані облікові записи

AnimatedSwine володіє такими обліковими записами на інших платформах:


p5rpc.lib 1 Оновлено 1 місяць тому

A Reloaded-II library that lets mods easily use some native functions of P5R (Steam)

p5rpc.SocialStatTracker 0 Оновлено 2 місяці тому

A Reloaded-II mod that shows how many points are needed to level up social stats in the social stats menu in P5R (Steam)

p5rpc.rpc 3 Оновлено 2 місяці тому

A Reloaded-II mod that adds discord rich presence support to P5R (Steam)

p5rpc.inputhook 0 Оновлено 3 місяці тому

A Reloaded-II library for interacting with P5R's inputs using other mods

p4gpc.tinyadditions 1 Оновлено 4 місяці тому

A Reloaded-II mod that adds small QOL features to Persona 4 Golden PC

p4gpc.rpc 2 Оновлено 6 місяців тому

A Reloaded-II mod that adds discord rich presence support to Persona 4 Golden PC

p4au.modloader 0 Оновлено 8 місяців тому

Makes it so pacs of mods are automatically merged when loading the game

Persona-4-Golden-Xp-Share 0 Оновлено 1 рік тому

A Reloaded II mod that adds xp sharing to Persona 4 Golden so inactive party members don't get left behind

p4gpc.custompartypanel 0 Оновлено 1 рік тому

A Reloaded mod for Persona 4 Golden PC that allows customisation of harcoded party panel elements

P3FItemRenamer 0 Оновлено 1 рік тому

A tool for creating pnachs to rename items in the game

Persona-4-Golden-Mod-Menu (fork) 0 Оновлено 4 місяці тому

In-game P4G Trainer; Originally created by Sierra


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