Krish Mohan

I'm creating short stories, comedy & historical essays, illustrations, cartoons & more

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I'm Krish Mohan and I'm a Stand Up Comedian, Writer & Graphic Designer. I spent 10 years touring full time as a Comedian and the host of 2 socio-political podcasts, Fork Full Of Noodles & Taboo Table Talk. After the pandemic, I realized it was time to close the chapter on those 2 shows and move to something different.

That something different is a full time job in the creative world, which means I’m going to be releasing content in a very different way. I want to focus on writing, illustrating and drawing rather than content creation. That’s what your donations and sustaining memberships will help fund.

I’m going to be putting out short stories, essays, poems, drawings, cartoons, illustrations and so on whenever I can. I might even have an idea for a few books I’d like to write over the years. I want to go back to having fun with art & creativity rather than making it my sole way of surviving, burning out and putting myself in a bad mental state. I’ll still be talking about big topics, but rather than limit myself to that, I’ll be also be talking about little things too. So if you can and want to help you, you can do so in a multitude of different ways.

Once you become a sustaining member, you’ll still exclusive Stand Up videos & audio, but additionally you’ll get images of all the drawings I’ve done that month and if I can I’ll send you the original artwork too.


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