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LibreTechnica’s mission is to encourage others to learn and adopt technologies for the benefit of the commons. Some example of our activities are:

  • Teaching people how to protect their privacy with secure messaging apps and email services
  • Introducing computer users to the Linux operating system and other open-source software
  • Promoting sustainable technologies, practices, and policies
  • Helping small business and non-profit organizations implement free and open-source software for their infrastructure
  • Supporting the deployment of independent, community-based network infrastructure

This mission supports our vision where the people have full knowledge and control over whom their data serves. Through the democratization of technology, we will weaken the strongholds that corporations have on our data and our lives.

Donations will primarily go to booking fees for meetups at local libraries and to printed materials for education or promotions. Extra funds will go to hosting the LibreTechnica infrastructure (search engine, Lemmy instance, object storage) which currently comes in at $15/month.

Visit our homepage at https://www.libretechnica.org and our Lemmy instance at https://libretechni.ca.

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