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MSP Social is a social network (specifically, a mastodon instance) for people interested in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Minnesota, and the surrounding region.

It is intended to be an escape from the massive, corporate social networks; a place for locals to connect and discuss their lives and regional issues without the cacophany of global, commercial platforms that have incentives to promote noise and negative interaction to impress investors and advertisers with big "engagement" numbers.

The primary purpose of this liberapay account is to defray the costs of running and maintaining the MSP Social server—which aren't that high, right now! Contributions will always go first to defraying current hosting costs. Cost information will be publicly available. Patrons will have the MSP Social admin's ear for ideas about improvements or ways MSP Social can serve the community.

Surplus contributions will be set aside to cover costs during months of deficit. The server is being administered through volunteer labor. Presumably this can continue indefinitely, but if the size or complexity of the project grows, donors will be informed before anything changes.

In the future, donors may also support using surplus funds to give back to contributing community members. This is a possibility that hopefully can be explored, but only if contributions reach a level that exceed the monthly hosting costs, so that the platform itself is sustainable.

In the long-term, surpluses could also go toward costs of building a sustainable, accountable organizational structure, e.g., fees to organize and register as a nonprofit. The size and scope of what is possible and appropriate will all depend on future growth and what the community wants out of the project.

Thanks so much for considering supporting a community-based, non-commercial platform!

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