We are SFTtech, developing free software for a free world

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We are a group of passionate people (students and professionals) trying to create awesome software (and recently even some hardware).

Thank you for supporting us so we can work on our free open-source projects:

  • openage - event driven real-time strategy engine (C++, Python)
  • abrechnung - group payment and expense management (React, PostgreSQL)
  • wirespider - Wireguard management and mesh VPN (Rust)
  • stiefelsystem - start your computer on another computer via network (Python)
  • kevin - simple stupid continuous integration (Python)
  • nyan - general purpose mod API designed for openage (C++)

You mainly support hosting expenses:

  • openage blog
  • Kevin CI build server (for openage pull requests)
  • Domain registration (openage.dev, sft.lol)
  • DNS server, Mail system, ...

But we're of course also glad if you just like to make us proud of our work.


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openage 12131 Оновлено цього тижня

Free (as in freedom) open source clone of the Age of Empires II engine :rocket:

kevin 105 Оновлено 1 тиждень тому

A simple-stupid self-hostable continuous integration service. :see_no_evil:

wirespider 22 Оновлено 2 тижні тому

Wireguard VPN management and authorisation automatization

abrechnung 43 Оновлено 2 тижні тому

Payment tracking and splitting for groups :money_with_wings:

nyan 190 Оновлено 2 місяці тому

Typesafe hierarchical key-value database with inheritance and dynamic patching for mod APIs :smiley_cat:

stiefelsystem 29 Оновлено 2 роки тому

Boot your operating system on a different hardware device via network :boot:


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