A project dedicated to the production of interactive educational artistic books in 10-languages

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Current scenario

There are no high-quality interactive books for studying at the same time Estonian, Portuguese, Russian, English, Spanish, Arabic, French, Ukrainian and Italian languages ​​in a slight form. There is also no interest in new magic books for children and adults, which could be explored to everyone together by studying languages ​​with the whole family. In Estonia, the habit of knowing five languages ​​is not developed, as is in other countries. In Estonia and the world, there are few books joining different cultures through a book or teaching. Latin Americans appreciate European culture, but they know Estonia only as a country that introduces information and technical innovations. Books and other interactive books are not adapted for Latin Americans who have learned about Estonian culture and language, and the Estonians about the culture of traditions, stories, authors of Latin America in their respective main languages. There are also no interactive books for people with reduced hearing and vision in these cultures.

What is the solution?

The creation of an interesting interactive and entertainment material, the combination of Estonian and Latin American cultures through the production of cartoons, didactic books for different ages, in addition to taking into account the needs of the most needy, expanding the interaction. The opportunity between continents and countries. Fairy tales have always been number 1 in teaching books. For example, the arrival of Japanese culture to Latin America in the 1980s, through cartoons such as "manga", "anime" and merchandising. Thus, Japan had an interest in football, and Latin America in the "manga", "anime" and the caricature heroes in Japan. We have a heritage of interactive didactic fairy tales books created by José Miguel Silva Lara, one of the animators of the Walt Disney Latin American Studios, for example, Aladdin, Bonkers, Gummi Bears and Goof Troop, whose series are known around the world.

Who are the Skazkaware main users and what channels does it use to reach people?

The main user of this content are people from 21-60 years old where children or grandchildren read or use developing and educational books for the family. Also, our books are of interest in educational institutions and private teachers who may include it in their training programs for the novelty of fascination and ease. To promote interactive books and related goods of merchandising, all possible types of information dissemination, such as instagram, Facebook, groups, Telegram, newspapers, exhibitions, shows, presentations, communities, Youtube channels, computer methods of promotion, method of hands in schools and preschool institutions.

What is the goal about receive funds?

Skazkaware needs financial support to create the first batch of books with the application, and make this project a reality.


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