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What is Teckids?

Teckids, a registered charity in Germany, has set itself the goal to promote computer science and technical skills in young people, and above all to disseminate and support free software for children and adolescents and in education. Teckids involves children and young people at all levels - from workshop preparation to website management, social media andthe charity's board. We promote young people in very different areas and raise awareness for teamwork and democracy.

What do we do?

On the one hand, we offer youth camps and workshop programmes on various topics such as robotics, electronics, creativity and game programming. These are, for example, the FrogLabs, which had more than 100 subscribers in their largest edition at FrOSCon. On the other hand, we offer our members the opportunity to share the free software idea at conferences and in various talks.

Why we depend on your support

The costs of our events are only partially covered by the participants' contributions. Since we want to keep these fees as low as possible in order to enable every child to participate, we depend on donations. In addition, we organize regular internal meetings where the members can exchange ideas and work together on our projects. These meetings are also designed to build a community, which is why they take place with a small programme of free-time activities. There are also costs for this, which are only partially covered by the membership fees. Also trips to more distant conferences and lectures are supposed to be made possible by donations. Finally, running costs such as server hosting and administration expenses need to be considered.

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