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Hi! I'm @cube (find me on Twitter!). I'm working on https://themeparks.wiki.

I've been developing the themeparks library on GitHub for over 6 years now. As the project has gotten more popular, it's become clear that just throwing the source code onto GitHub is not enough for most users. Many people want to not use NodeJS, want to use modern serverless infrastructure, or just want something that works asap without having to setup 24/7 servers.

So, the updated version of the GitHub project is going to be split. The core library will be an interface on top of a hosted solution running at https://themeparks.wiki. The underlying logic that runs the hosting solution will still be available in a separate Git repo, but will not be the recommended path for more users who just want simple access.

With this approach we can support API libraries for JavaScript (server and browser), PHP, Python, etc. etc. - and can stop having to rollout countless npm module updates for every minor change.

The service will be available for free on https://themeparks.wiki - however, in order to keep the service running, I am asking for patrons to join me and help assist paying server and maintenance costs.

Join our Discord! https://discord.gg/2BuFfyY

Follow my every move on Twitter: https://twitter.com/cube

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