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FLOSS games, GNU/Linux smartphones, XMPP and various other stuff!

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Hi, I'm dos. I do various FLOSS related stuff - from smartphone operating systems to games.

I'd like to avoid working on proprietary projects for as long as I can, so any donation is welcome!

My most notable projects are probably:

The upcoming big game I'm working on right now, although commercial, will have its source code available on a free license (you will just have to buy the asset pack). It's also going to be supported (unless technically impossible) on freedom-respecting hardware: Librem 5 and DragonBox Pyra. And also on FreeBSD, because why not.

Recently I also got interested in fixing small annoyances in various XMPP clients.

My code also lives on as variously sized contributions to such projects as (in random order):, SHR, KDE, opkg, r.js, GDevelop, Allegro, Linux, karma-selenium-webdriver-launcher, Semantic UI, Logstalgia, PhantomJS, google-drive-ocamlfuse, Bot Will Accept Anything, Dogecoin, rad1o, OpenSLUDGE, Browser Ponies, PackageKit, Debian, OpenEmbedded, OpenPhoenux, Ubuntu, AUR, Openmoko, My Time Organizer, Tab Center Redux, Godot, CommaFeed, Neo900, Allegro.js, Spectrum2, zero_brightness_fixer, Psi & Psi+, purple-facebook, Conversations, Performous, Greenworks, MacPorts, Movim, Chromium

Аккаунти в інших сервісах

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kamerka 14 Оновлено 2 тижні тому

Take photos using your webcam and shiny animated QML interface (KF5 app)

libsuperderpy 5 Оновлено 2 тижні тому

Game engine for Allegro 5 written in C. Mirror of

libsuperderpy-docker 0 Оновлено 2 місяці тому

Docker containers for cross-compilling libsuperderpy games to various platforms. Mirror of

boiledcorn 0 Оновлено 2 місяці тому

libsuperderpy-examples 0 Оновлено 2 місяці тому

Bunch of simple examples for libsuperderpy engine. Mirror of

libsuperderpy-utils 0 Оновлено 2 місяці тому

Bunch of scripts to make building libsuperderpy based stuff easier. Mirror of

kded_rotation 15 Оновлено 3 місяці тому

A small, hacky KDED module for handling automatic screen rotation on tablets and hybrid laptops.

veto 0 Оновлено 4 місяці тому


waaaa 0 Оновлено 4 місяці тому

WAAAA Global Game Jam 2017

braindamage 2 Оновлено 4 місяці тому

A simple engine for writing games using Brainfuck, written in Rust (but right now just a regular interpreter, engine part is coming)

supershod 0 Оновлено 5 місяців тому

SUPER. SHOD. The most innovative nothing I've played in years! Made on Huuuge Game Jam 2016

docker-butler 0 Оновлено 8 місяців тому

docker-xmpp-muc-send 0 Оновлено 8 місяців тому

potatoes 0 Оновлено 9 місяців тому

Non-Competing Singing Potatoes (Slavic Game Jam 2018)

wakeywakey 1 Оновлено 9 місяців тому

Castle Game Jam 2018 game

SuperDerpy 15 Оновлено 10 місяців тому

Become Derpy Hooves and fight with muffinzombies in this free software game in order to rescue Ponyville ponies so they can defeat Discord once again! Written in C using Allegro 5, works on Windows, GNU/Linux and Mac OS X.

CarpetRaid 0 Оновлено 1 рік тому

delorean 1 Оновлено 1 рік тому

Move your old, rusty XMPP client back to the future. Modernizing MITM XMPP proxy. Proof-of-concept.

zenek-i-gienek-przejmuja-wladze-nad-swiatem 0 Оновлено 1 рік тому


dzwonkownia 0 Оновлено 1 рік тому


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