French Student in literature & Community Helper for the Free and Open-Source Community.

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Опис французька

I work on linux software and test distributions.

I'm a community helper who contribute to several communities and tries to helps devs and manage teams. The communities I already helped by translating, deving or helping in other way are :

  • Yunohost ( : App Integration, Dev and Documentation (I belong to the Apps and Doc group). I pay for the domain / dyndns domain : (12€/year)
  • Roadiz : testing and translations
  • NodeBB : testing and translations
  • I've something to hide website : webdev and translation
  • Tutanota : translations

And... I hope keeping contributing and learning new things in order to contribute more !! :-)

I own a blog about New technology, Free Software philosophy, freedom society... : and I write on

I manage several services for some online communities : - (ABLD) - (ABLD) - (Spring1944 forum) - (Spring1944 pads) - Mail addresses (Yunohost)

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Yunohost est une distribution dont le but est de rendre l'auto-hébergement accessible à tous !

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