I'm a music producer, arranger, guitarist, engraver, composer, songwriter and music director.

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Hi I'm Angelo, thank you for your time and support for my music projects. I practice, teach, write, arrange, produce & perform music. I used to be a fulltime gigging musician. Since last year I have been shifting to fulltime studio or online production of music, mainly because of the 2020 lockdown caused by the virus, and it's also a dream of my to fulltime fulltime on producing music/content at my home studio. I spent last year, learning more about production (audio & video) and honing the essential skills in this new environment. I also led a group of musicians in into starting an online system for teaching music (fmacollective.com). Since industry standard hardware and software for home studio isn't really within my budget, I started out with freeware/donationware stuff available online, which are not bad specially for starting up. As my knowledge expand and my skills progress, I see the need to upgrade the tools I need to bring out the music and knowledge in me. With your continuous support you will be helping me to produce and publish top notch music, deliver excellent music education and produce indispensable content via podcast, video, and hopefully blogs. With all this in mind, I also plan to write a book, either instructional or about my journey in music, hopefully to share the beauty of life with music.

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