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Systemli.org is a left-wing network and technics-collective that was founded in 2003. Our aim is to provide safe and trustworthy communication services. The project is primarily aimed at left-wing political activists and people who have a particular need to protect their data. Our answer to this need is based on the user’s trust in us. We protect their data by encrypting all our servers and connections (except connections to a few remaining mailservers that don't support TLS) and by avoiding to retain unnecessary connection data. Therefore, in case of an unauthorized access, the data is protected.

Systemli.org has grown from political structures and has a political self-concept. We are not only a technics-collective which acts cooperatively; first of all we are connected to one another through our political ambitions. All members work as volunteers for the project. We are organized as a collective and take all our decisions together.

We see ourselves as: * emancipatory * anti-fascist * anti-racist * anti-nationalist * anti-capitalist * feminist

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