TWUNI (Devin Canterberry)

TWUNI creates original music, mostly featuring synth and guitars.

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The dark, whimsical debut release of Underscore in 2017 set the stage for TWUNI, the solo project of Devin Canterberry, former guitarist of the Louisiana psychedelic rock group, Rosenthal. Underscore pays homage to electro pop, with the stylings of Shatterproof calling back to Depeche Mode and the bangin' cover of LCD Soundsystem's Get Innocuous!

In 2021, The Dreamer's Drive single brought cascading guitar rhythms reminiscent of Duran Duran, a driving slap bassline, and the haunting vocals of a sentient automaton. This mostly-analog track, recorded and mixed on basic software, was a complete 180° from its digitally produced predecessor.

The Eventide Triad, Part 1, took yet another turn. This instrumental space opera concept album was written and recorded live over a series of improvisational mood studies.

The genre-defying Another Time, Another Place juxtaposes Underscore's electro and VGM vibes with guitar-centric alt-rock, like Butthole Surfers meets Twin Peaks.

Intrinsic Duality sheds all pretense of electro pop and commits itself to being a full alt-rock album. Deeply lyrical, this intimate album plays out like a journal entry.

Hyperspace revisits that cyber rock era once again in a loving nod to Datarock and Thomas Dolby.

TWUNI continues to surprise and delight fans in each release, expanding its universe and taking the sound in interesting, and sometimes bizarre, directions.

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