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Many people have asked us how they can help our podcast financially. We've been looking into a lot of different options, and we've finally found something that works well for us.

Our operating costs are fairly straight-forward.
Monthly recurring fees: $101.57
Yearly recurring fees: $127.24
Other recurring fees: Audioship - $19.99/40hr

Here's our current wishlist.
Paid Guests: $100-$500 depending on the guest
Art assets: $100-$200 conservatively

Thanks to you, we were able to fulfill some of our wishlist desires, and even get something even better than we expected!
Wishlist items fulfilled.
Transcripts -- descript.com -- $30/mo*
Helping a zoo in need -- Undisclosed donation

Before Liberapay, our podcast assets were solely funded by Zemen Depo and Toggle Rat, with harddrive backups supplied by an anonymous donor. Your donation will help offset our costs and fund podcast expansion. We appreciate anyone who would like to help out!

*(included in monthly recurring fees)

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